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Benito Gomez

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My grandfather was born on December 4th, 1940 in a small town in Mexico. After 4 daughters my great-grandparents had a son, my grandpa, their only son. As a young boy he assisted my great-grandfather on the farm, raising cattle and growing crops to provide for the family. He didn’t get an education since he was the only boy and was responsible for helping the family. In his twenty's, my grandfather met my grandmother and they were wed. Shortly after, my grandmother gave birth to their first child. This is when my grandfather realized he wanted to give his family and child a better life and decided to move to the United States.

In 1965, my grandfather moved his pregnant wife and young daughter to a small town on the outskirts of Bakersfield, CA. When they arrived my grandfather found work as a field worker picking crops. Time passed and 4 more children were born, one of which was my father. The type of work and the cost of raising a family of 6 were very expensive, so my grandfather decided to move his family back to Mexico in 1972. Back in Mexico my grandfather became a successful business owner, running a grocery store and a furniture store in the heart of Monterrey, Mexico. After 5 years, the devaluation of the Mexican peso, my grandfather lost his entire life savings trying to maintain his businesses. This is when he made the decision to permanently move his family to the US and start from the bottom to give his family a better life.


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Migrating between Nebraska and Texas during seasons of high crop harvest, my grandfather always made sure his family was fed and had a roof over their heads. He made sure his children went to school and attended church. He faithfully worked for the same company until he retired. My grandfather never once complained about life being too hard or it wasn’t fair, he continued to work and provide even when the worst of times was amongst him. He faithfully served his church and continues to do so. To this day he is still serving his family by making sure his farm in Mexico is well kept and leaving behind his legacy of servanthood when God decides to bring him home. When I think of a prosocial leader, my grandfather is the epitome of such and I strive every day to work as hard as he does.  

Submitted by, Yehudit Gomez