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My prosocial leader is my mom; Lisa Schroeder. She was born and raised in Louisiana, where she graduated from The University of Lafayette in 3 years while playing softball. Finding the exact words to describe my mom is difficult, she is the epitome of strength yet remaining the kindest woman I’ve ever met. I guess it is this contrast that makes her able to influence so many people’s lives including mine.  

Her strength and kindness helped her in her first job as a probation officer. In this field she dealt with criminals every day, to her they were people that just needed help seeing their worth. This job is not for the faint of heart; she was put in danger several times just for trying to help a person get back on their feet. Yet, continuously she put herself in danger, never giving up on the people she worked with. She will always put others first which is why it was no shock to learn that when she became pregnant with me, she put my safety first and left a job she loved.

Her second job also demonstrated her kindness and strength, as a behavioral specialist at an intermediate, junior high, and high school. She continued to care for her students, who are either special needs or at-risk children. On any given day, her job can range from having a chair thrown at her, to having to run down the halls to stop a student from leaving. Many times she came home exhausted and drained, but every day she put a smile continued to work with those students. She probably works with 20-30 and each one of them trust her, she has made them feel important even though they are labels as “different”. Regardless of how the students treat her, she takes the time to help each and every one work through their struggles. Most of her students don’t have a very good home life, and while Christmas is approaching she picked out a gift from Santa that is tailored to each student’s personality. These little gestures that make her my prosocial leader, she puts herself in challenging positions in order to try to change someone’s life for the better.

Submitted by: Kalyn Schroeder

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