Prosocial Leadership 

Lucila Garcia, my mother, is a wonderful woman. She grew up in a small village without any running water, electricity, gas, and any other appliance. My mother grew up with a family of 13 in a small wooden house with leaves from palm trees as a roof. She slept on dirt floor along with her brothers and sisters. Despite these and many other struggles, my mother came to the United States, both times illegally until she finally decided to stay here and work at the age of 16.

After a couple months of working my mother moved to Seattle, and worked as a nanny caring for a family’s children, cooking dinner and keeping the house clean. In Seattle, my mother got pregnant and had my older sister. She then moved back to Houston where she meet my father and they started their own family having 3 more kids-including myself.

My mother has sacrificed doing whatever it takes to keep food on the table.  Despise the workload and the lack of education my mother would still wake up early make us breakfast, take us to school, pick us up, cook dinner and take me to my many athletic practices. As a kid I never aware of how hard she worked and how much she sacrificed. Because of my mother’s ability to keep me away from the negative and provide us a positive environment, as a kid, I never knew I grew up in the ghetto. I didn't know that my neighborhood was a haven for cartels and drugs. My mother knew that one day me and my siblings would grow up and probably never repay her or my father for all their hard work, nevertheless, she kept at it and made my childhood a dream.

Even to this day my mother still puts the future of others before her own, expecting nothing back. My sister currently had her third child and due to some difficulties, she was in bed for weeks after her pregnancy. My mother was there by her side from sunrise to sundown. She often would spend the night over at my sister's house to ensure that the baby and my sister were both okay. She missed many days of work often weeks to ensure that our family was not only well cared for but fed as well.

I have yet to reward my mother, even though she gave at great personal cost.  My mother is a Prosocial Leader.

Submitted by: Oscar Garcia

Lucila Garcia

Understanding Prosocial Leadership


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