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 Pope Francis was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Buenos Aires, in the year 1931. Prior to becoming involved in the church, he worked as a Chemical technologist and bouncer for a nightclub. His holiness was ordained as a Priest in the Catholic Church in 1969. By 1988, he became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Three years later, Pope John Paul II named Jorge a cardinal. After the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, Jorge was chosen to be the next Pope by the Papal conclave. His chosen Francis comes from Saint Francis of Assisi.  Pope Francis is known for his opposition to pure Capitalism and Marxism, his humble lifestyle, and his advocacy for mercy. Pope Francis maintains all the other traditional views of the Church, such as the celibacy of priests, opposition to abortion, etc.

Pope Francis has consistently demonstrated a desire to serve through leadership without a regard for reward. A prime example of this occurred directly after he was elected pope. Pope Francis refused to live in the luxury of the Apostolic Palace and resides in the Casa Santa Marta instead. The former holds a luxurious atmosphere, while the latter is a two-room apartment traditionally used for visiting clergy. Another example of Pope Francis serving others without the thought of reward is his consistent visits to a prison near the Vatican. For the past four years, the Pope has visited the prison every Holy Thursday, or the Thursday before Easter, to wash and kiss the feet of prisoners while expressing Christ’s message of forgiveness.  

Pope Francis has also taken actions that he could have been punished for, but took these actions anyway. For instance, members of the Swiss Guard, the Vatican’s security team, have confirmed that Pope Francis often sneaks out at night to minister to the homeless. For a public figure like Pope Francis to do this is extremely dangerous, especially since radical groups, could take advantage of lack of protection. These examples do indicate that Pope Francis is a prosocial leader that could care less about the rewards or punishments that result from his actions. 

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